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Saturday 12th December 2009

The warm up - open doors until 9.00pm (Sy and Bob)

Ad Libs - New York in the dark (AGP)

Vernon Greene - Look at me, look at you (Minit promo)

Clara Hardy - I dream of you (Tuna)

Leo McCorkle - On top of the world (Popside promo)

Ann Duquesnay - You ain't woman enough to take my man (Capitol)

Bob Meyer - I only got this feeling (Blue Soul)

Jay Traynor - Up & over (ABC promo)


9.00pm - 9.45pm (Stewart)

9.45pm - 10.30pm (Sy)


10.30pm - 11.15pm (Bob)

Marsha Gee - Baby I need you (Uptown)

Ringleaders - Baby what has happened to our love (M-Pac)

Frank Dell - He broke your game wide open (Valise)

Jimmy Mack - My world is on fire (Palmer promo)

Tommy Navarro - I cried my life away (De Jac)

John Bowie - You're gonna miss a good thing (Merben)

Dee Dee Sharp - What kind of lady (Gamble)

Showmen - Our love will grow (Swan)

Nolan Porter - If I could only be sure (ABC)

Isonics - Sugar (Kammy)

William Powell - Hartache Souvenirs (Power-House)

Little Tommy - Baby can't you see (Sound of Soul)

Vondells - Hey girl you've changed (Airtown)

Billy Arnell - Tough Girl (Holly)

Larry Houston - Let's spend some time together (HFMP)

Cooking on 3 burners - This girl (Freestyle)

Laura Lee - Your Song (Fantasy)


11.15pm - 12.00am (Gary)

Edwin Starr - Time (Tamla Motown)

Junior Walker & The Allstars - I ain't going nowhere (Motown)

Sly & The Family Stone - Dance to the music (Epic)

JJ Barnes - Please let me in (Ric-Tic)

The Steinways - You've been leading me on (Oliver)

The Originals - Suspicion (Soul)

Freddie Chavez - They'll never know why (Sevens)

Contours - Baby hit and run (Tamla Motown)

The Isley Brothers - My love is your love (Tamla Motown)

Candi Staton - Now you've got the upper hand (Unity)

The Tempos - Countdown here I come (Sevens)

The Velvet Satins - Nothing can compare to you (General American)

Spiral Staircase - More today than yesterday (Columbia)

Dena Barnes - If you ever walk out of my life (Inferno)

The Broadways - If you just don't know (MGM)

Mary Wells - What's easy for two is hard for one (Motown Yesteryear)

Darrell Banks - Open the door to your heart (Revilot)


12.00am - 12.45am (Alan)

Jackie Edwards - Come on home (Island)

The Isley Brothers - Behind a painted smile (Tamla Motown)

The Sons of Moses - Soul Symphony (Coral)

Millie Jackson - My man, a sweet man (Spring)

The Miracles - Going to a go-go (Tamla Motown)

The Coasters - Crazy baby (Atco)

The Contours - Just a little misunderstanding (Gordy)

Eddie Holland - Just ain't enough love (Motown)

The Foundations - At the top of the stairs (MGM)

The Sapphires - Gotta have your love (Lost-Nite)

Al Wilson - The snake (Bell)

The Cooperettes - Shing-a-ling (Brunswick)

Louise Lewis - Weeoo I'll let it be you babe (Skyway)

The Vibrating Vibrations - Surprise party for baby (Neptune)

The Contours - First I look at the purse (Gordy)

Hoagy Lands - The next in line (Laurie)

Willie Mitchell - That driving beat (London)

Frank Wilson - Janice, don't be so blind to love (Traco)

Rubin - You've been away (Kapp)

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Get out (Route)

The Millionaires - Never for me (Philips)

12.45am - Close (Paul)

Epitome of Sound - You don't love me (Sandbag)

Eddie Parker - I'm Gone (Awake)

Cliff Nobles - Love is alright (Phil L.A. of Soul)

Bobby Sheen - Something new to do (Warner Brothers)

Don Thomas - Come on train (Vee-Jay)

The Mayfield Singers - Don't start none (Mayfield)

Jackie Wilson - I've lost you (Brunswick)

Dobie Gray - Honey, you can't take it back (White Whale promo)

The Invitations - What's wrong with me baby? (Dyno Voice)

The Incredibles - There's nothing else to say (Audio Arts)

Eddie Spencer - If this is love (I'd rather be lonely) (Arc)

Jimmy McFarlane - Lonely lover (RPR)

Jackie Edwards - I feel so bad (Island)

The Dynamics - Bingo! (Wingate)

Solomon Burke - Stupidity (Atlantic)

Joe Tex - You better believe it baby (Dial)

Billy Prophet - What can I do? (Sue)

The Jelly Beans - You don't mean me no good (Right on!)

Gwen McCrae - Lead me on (Columbia promo)

The Voices of East Harlem - Cashing in (Just Sunshine Records)

The Pointer Sisters - Send him back (Atlantic promo)

Barbara McNair - You're gonna love my baby (Motown) - thanks Sy for the lend of this one!

The Velvelettes - These things will keep me loving you (Tamla Motown)

Chuck Wood - Seven days too long (Big t)

Edwin Starr - Agent Double-O-Soul (Ric-Tic)

Chuck Jackson - Hand it over (Wand)

Johnnie Taylor - Who's making love? (Stax)

Ruby Winters - Better (Diamond promo)

Jimmy Radcliffe - Long after tonight is all over (Stateside)

Saturday 30th January 2010

The warm up - open doors until 9.00pm (Sy and Bob)

Moments - You said (Deep)

Traditions - My life with you (Bar Clay)

Chris Clark - Somethings wrong (Tamla)

Chubby & The Turnpikes - I didn't try (Capitol promo)

Paul Peek - I'm moving uptown (Columbia promo)

Jimmy Interval - Somebody to love (Columbia promo)

Tate - Love shop (Clover Street promo)

Richard Popcorn Wylie - Rosemary what happened (Karen promo)

Uptights - Shy guy (Columbia promo)

Arcades - There's got to be a loser (Triad)

Ray Pollard - It's a sad thing (United Artists promo)

Garnett Mimms - Looking for you (United Artists promo)

George Kirby - What can I do (Cadet promo)

Garland Green - Girl i love you (Gamma)


9.00pm - 10.00pm (Paul)

Etta James - Seven day fool (Argo promo)

Garnett Mimms - Prove it to me (United Artists)

Betty Harris - 12 Red roses (Sansu)

Rosco Gordon - You got my bait (Somada)

Willie Tee - I want somebody (Atlantic)

Spyder Turner - You're good enough for me (MGM)

Ben E King - I can't break the news to myself (Atco promo)

Doug Banks - I just kept on dancing (Argo)

Ted Taylor - Somebody's always trying (Okeh)

Jackie Edwards - I feel so bad (Island)

Roy Hamilton - You shook me up (RCA Victor promo)

The Ballads - I can't see your love (Vee-Jay promo)

Hesitations - I'm not built that way (Kapp)

Johnny Moore - Walk like a man (Date)

Cliff Nobles - Love is alright (Phil La of Soul)

Turley Richards - I feel alright (Columbia promo)

Mel Torme - I'm comin' home baby (London Atlantic)

Mack Rice - Baby I'm coming home (Lu Pine)

Otis Redding - Loving by the pound (Kent)

Lester Tipton - This won't change (Wigan 25th Anniversary)

Mary Wells - Can't you see (you're losing me) (Atco)

Marvin Gaye - This loved starved heart of mine (Tamla Motown)

N F Porter - Keep on keeping on (Lizard)

The Vibrations - 'cause you're mine (Columbia)

Billy Butler - Right Track (Soul City)

Epitome of sound - You don't love me (Sandbag)

Jimmy Radcliffe - Lonely lover (RPR promo)

Bobby Sheen - Something new to do (Warner Brothers)


10.00pm - 11.00pm (Bob)

Mandrill - Too late (Artstra)

Marvin Holmes - You better keep her (Brown Door)

Four Below Zero - My baby's got ESP (Roulette)

Nichole Willis - If this ain't love (Timmion)

Marsha Hines - You got to let go (Wizard - Oz release)

Larry Hoston - Let's spend some time together (HFMP)

Isley Brothers - Harvets for the world (T Neck)

Gladys Night - Just walk in my shoes (Tamla Motown)

Frank Wilson - Do I love you (Tamla Motown)

Martha Reeves - Show me the way (Gordy)

Velvelettes - Lonely lonely girl am I (VIP)

Barbara Mills - Queen of fools (Hickory promo)

Marie Knight - That's no way to treat a girl(Musicor promo)

William Powell - Heartache souvenirs (Power House)

Wendy Rene - Bar-B-Q (Stax)

Exciters - Blowing up my mind (RCA promo)

Percy Wiggins - It didn't take much (RCA promo)

Thelma Lyndsey - Prepared to love you (Magic City)

A C Reed - My baby's been cheating (Cool)

Willie Mitchell - That driving beat (Hi)

Frank Beverley - If that's what you wanted (Gamble)

11.00pm - 12.00am (Sy)


12.00am to 12.45am (Geoff)

Etta James - Seven day fool (Argo)

Little Jewel - I want you (Tay-Ster) tuune!

Chuck Jackson - Hand it over (Wand)

Danny White - Keep my woman home (Atlas)

Darrow Fletcher - My young misery (Groovy)

Timebox - Beggin' (Deram)

Frank Popp Ensemble - Hip Teens (Blow Up)

Kings go forth - Don't take my shadow (Mr C's)

Soul Brothers Six - I'll be loving you (Atlantic)

Ann Heywood - Crook his little finger (Hondo)

Jerry Williams - If you ask me (Calla)

The Drifters - Baby what I mean (Atlantic)


12.45am - Close (Tom)

Judy Clay - You busted my mind (Scepter)

The Casualeers - Dand Dance Dance(Pye)

Alexander Patton - A lil' loving sometimes (Soul Sounds)

The Formations - At the top of the stairs (Mojo)

The Intrigues - On a moment (London)

Lorraine Chandler - I can't change (Ashford)

The Supremes - Stoned love (Motown)

Four Tops - Reach out, I'll be there (Motown)

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Tyrell - Two can have a party (Motown)

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Tyrell - You ain't living until you're loving (Motown)

Jackie Wilson - I get the sweetest feeling (SMP)

The Flirtations - Little Darling (Casino Classics)

Dean Parrish - I'm on my way (UK American)

Tony Clarke - Landslide (Chess)

Edwin Starr - Backstreet (Motown)

Chuck Wood - Seven days too long (Mojo)

Darrell Banks - Our love is in the pocket (Stateside)

Jackie Wilson - I've lost you (Brusnwick)

Stevie Wonder - Never dreamed you'd leave in summer (Tamla)


Saturday 27th March 2010

The warm up - open doors until 9.00pm (Bob)

Gloria Jones - Look what you started (Minit promo)

Joe & George - No one loves you (Now promo)

Temptones - Girl i love you (Arctic promo)

Sammy Campbell - I never thought (Queen City)

Chosen Few - Birth of a playboy (Maple promo)

Caressors - I can't stay away (Ru-Jac)

Lucky Charms - Tied to your heart (Sugarhill promo)

Royal Face - Say it to my face (Tyler)

Buckinghams - Don't you care (CBS)

Fabulous Apollos - Some good in everything bad (Valtone)

9.00pm - 9.45pm (Alan)

Rose Batiste - Come back in a hurry (Revilot)

The Parliaments - Not for love nor money (MGM)

Sidney Barnes - Standing on solid ground (Mid West)

The Valentines - Breakaway (Sound Plus)

The Intruders - Turn the hands of time (Gamble)

Frank Beverley - She kissed me (Fairmount)

Bettye Swann - Make me yours (Money)

The Tempos -  (Countdown) Here I come (Canterbury)

Maurice & The Radiants - Baby you've got it (Chess)

Bill Cosby - Little Ole Man (Evrything's alright) (Warner Brothers)

The Ad-Libs - Nothing worse than being alone (Share)

Lenis Guess - Just ask me (Le Grand)

The Precisions - If this is love (Drew)

Millie Jackson - House for sale (Kent)

Bobby Hebb - Love love love (Philips)

Mandrill - Too late (Arista)

The O'Jays - Dig your act (Bell)

Wade Flemons - Jeanette (Ramsel)

Tony Clarke - Landslide (Chess)

9.45pm - 10.30pm (Craig)

Caser's - (La la) I love you (Lando)

Specials - Everybody say yeah (Satch)

Steve Mancha - Friday night (Groovesville)

Little Tony - I'm comin' home (Warner Brothers)

Marjorie Black - One more hurt (Sue)

JJ Barnes - Everytime I see you, I go wild

Majestics - (I love her so much) it hurts me (Linda)

Vic Marcel - Won't you come and fly with me (RCA)

Herbert Hunter - I was born to love you (Spar)

Bandwagon - Breakin' down the walls of heartache (Epic)

Ronnie Love - Chills & Fever (Dot)

Bobby Hutton - More today than yesterday (Philips)

Darrel Banks - I'm the on ewho loves you (Volt)

Andrea Henry - I need you like a baby (MGM)

Eddie Holman - Eddie's my name (Parkway)

James Fountain - Seven day lover (Peachtree)

Joe Moore - It ain't (Verve)

10.30pm - 11.15pm (Bob)

Velvet Satins - Nothing can compare to you (General American promo)

E. J. Chandler - I can't stand to lose you (SOS)

Isonics - Sugar (Kammy)

William Powell - Heartache souvenirs (Power House)

Soul Twins - Quick change artist (Karen promo)

Showmen - Our love will grow (Swan)

Millionaires - Never for me (Philips)

Timothy Wilson - I must love you (Sky Disc)

Velvelettes - Lonely lonely girl am I (VIP)

Supremes - Stoned love (Motown)

Mary Wells - My guy (Stateside)

Supremes - Baby love (Stateside)

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas - You've been in love too long (Gordy)

Harold Melvin - Prayin' (Source)

Chuck Jackson - All over the world (Achievement)

Smoove ft. Tony Tyrell - I can't give you up (Club Tikka)

Black & Blue - What i got (Mercury promo)

11.15pm - 12.30am (Sy)


12.30am to 1.15am (Gary)


1.15am to Close (John)


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